Autumn 2022 -- Serviceberry Palette

This palette is inspired by the serviceberry trees that grow at the end of my street. These are Sorbus torminalis, in the same genus as rowan or mountain ash.

The service tree has large, broad lobed leaves that turn bright yellow gold in the fall. The fruit of this tree is the size of a small cherry, and is a very dark red-purple, a gorgeous contrast! The berries are extremely sour when they first form, but they become sweeter with age as the fruit wrinkles. They have the consistency of dates and taste remarkably like cola bottles! A mix of sweet and sour, which feels a lot like fall to me, a sweet explosion of colour but shorter days to enjoy it!


These are examples of the completed dot card and discovery sheet. Note that on the sample sheet I was using, I have just had enough paint to complete the sheets and the painting above. I have included dots that are 3x larger on the kits that I’m selling just to make sure you have enough paint.


Videos of me painting these out sheets are available here.


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