Winter 2023 -- New Year's Palette

This palette is inspired by the crisp cool colours of winter, and the brightness of the new year.

A new palette for a new year! Winter weather brings frost and snow, which means a cool, crisp range of blues. Winter also means shorter days and spending more time inside with warm incandescent colours. This palette brings together these two aspects of winter, and captures the bright festivity of the new year. I’ve chosen this amazing deep pink (Quinacridone Magenta PR202) and deep yellow (Hansa Yellow Deep PY65) for the warm colours. Together they mix a red, and some lovely oranges. The dark blue (Indanthrone Blue PB60) is a complement to the yellow and mixes some cool greys, and the teal (Cobalt Turquoise PG50) makes a muted green with the yellow, as well as adding some lovely granulation to the palette.

Example Sheets

Completed dot card and discovery sheet


Example Paintings

For this painting of a night scene, I wanted to capture the idea of warm insides and cool outsides. I wanted the light to rake across the page to help move the eye, and I wanted to try to show off the darker versions of the colours on this palette. To see how I developed this painting, see the step by step guide.

Example painting done with this palette, highligting the range of darks that can be mixed, and using them to set off the brighter yellow, purples and reds


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