This is a series of coloured glassware sitting in various configurations on the window sill of my studio. The glass reflects the colours of its surroundings, and distorts the forms that we see through it. How does our own appearance change when we are in the presence of others? What do we distort, with purpose or not?

I’ve written a post that goes into more detail about the inspiration for this work.

A green octagonal cup stands in front of a blue bottle and shows the refraction of the blue bottle in the column like features of the cup. A yellow dish is seen through a purple vase. A red cup eclipses a yellow tealight holder that is behind it.  The holder appears twice in the distortions in the red cup. the foot of an yellow dish concentrates the colour of the glass and looks orange.  In the distance is a second foot and the rest of the dish, much paler, arcs upwards. A glass vase sits on a windowsill in front of some trees.  The reflections on the vase are formed of runs and bleeds in the watercolour. The horizontal lines of the rim, base and reflections of a purple bowl interact with the vertical lines in a yellow cup that sits behind it. a red cup stands on the base of a blue wine glass, and is tilted but the frame of the painting is oriented with the red glass a green dish in front of a red wine glass the sky viewed through a yellow glass serving dish, some trees and a sunset visible a 12 sided green drinking glass viewed from the top with a window in the background seen through the far side of the glass a bright yellow glass serving dish stands on an upside down blue glass dish the threaded top of a brown glass bottle rests on a yellow glass candleholder with blue glass vase in the distance a glass tumbler with a blue rim at the base, a yellow glass candle holder and a yellow glass bowl overlapping in space a collection of glass objects in front of a purple glass bottle with a blue partially cloudy sky in the distance looking through an empty glass tea light holder at the shapes formed by green and brown glass objects behind it