My work that is not part of another series. Several of these paintings were developed under the mentorship of Professor Clara Lieu and the Art Prof community community in the process of completing the painting and colour tracks.

one hand holding an apple and the other pinching the stem with the fingers fanned out red and yellow onions in a copper pot next to a sprig of green sage a yellow sunflower in profile on a purple background a red poppy, the center in focus and the edges fading into a green background oranges, one peeled, on a blue ceramic serving dish yellow-green pears on a dark background chiaroscuro a spread of red japanese maple leaves with green veins four panels of a jellyfish floating in a dark turquoise sea pale yellow wheat with purple shadows, the zigzag shape of wheat repeated throughout the image glasses, a book and a ribbon, all white on a white background an image of a copperhead snake in a bed of clover a hand touching the face in an expression of exasperation