Painting a portrait is a search for connection. Finding the form and gesture of the face requires intensely looking, an alost uncomfortable, but empathetic scrutiny. Many of these portraits are painted using only a 1" flat brush as an experiment in looseness and expression. Many of them also use reductive techniques to create areas that dissolve and that are weathered.

a female figure with her back to the viewer, turning to show her profile a young man turning to look at the viewer, proportions slighly distorted to focus on his right eye a woman looking to the left with her right hand cupping her face gently a man sitting in a guarded position, elbows on knees and turning to look at the viewer an old woman painted in bright yellows and blues a female figure looking up and to the left, painted in a high key a female figure peeking over her shoulder with eyes closed a female figure with pursed lips, painted such that much of the detail on the face has dissolved, except for the lips a female figure peeking over her shoulder and looking to the left a black male figure looking toward the camera, painted in bold blue brush strokes a figure hides behind their hand a female figure poised to start running to the left, looking forward with determination a female figure looking up and to the right, painted in bold red and blue brushstrokes a bald male figure with hands behind his head, looking down a female figure grimacing with hands raised in front of her a male figure with one hand on his head and another on his chin, painted in red on a green-blue background a male figure with arms wrapped around himself, and bending over to crumple in on himself