a portrait of the artist

I am a scientist turned watercolour artist living in Cambridge, UK.

My art centers on observing the small moments of joy in life that are often overlooked. I have been an artist all my life, but was seduced by technical subjects when I was younger. I studied mathematics at university, and then worked in the tech industry for a decade first as a programmer, and later as a technical project manager.

In my 30’s I decided to return to school, and did a masters and PhD in computational biology. I moved into doing art after I developed daily chronic migraine during my postdoc studying molecular networks in cancer.

My training as a biologist has honed my skill at observation, and living with chronic migraine has taught me that even amid suffering, there is joy in observing with curiosity and wonder. My watercolours express the moments of joy found in observing the natural world.

I am fascinated by the interactions of colours and the contrasts of forms, and paint to make them bold and large on the page. These moments are always present, and expressing them is a reminder to myself that it is valuable to take the time to look for them.